February 9, 2012

Hello 2012

Hey Boys & Girls,

Welcome to our new and improved website. Big ups to Didjital & Jamie for making this happen.

Since this is my first post, I’d share something with you guys. It might not be Hardstyle but like the great Armin van Buuren would say “Dont be a prisoner of your own style”.

I dont know if you guys have heard of araabMUZIK but what this man does may seem simple and boring to some, they simply do not know how hard an MPC is to use or the skill it takes to use it in the way that he does. He is known to many as the “MVP of the MPC” for unmatched speed and flow on the powerful drum machine.

arrabMuzik, born Abraham Orellena, is a Rhode Island native whose musical background stems back to the age of threw when he first began drumming. He was quickly picked up by Dipset and has produced many of their tracks as well as tracks for about every big name in the hip/hop industry. Footage of his live shows have garnered millions of views and well deserved respect, so it’s only right that he was billed for Coachella. Now the only question that remains is will he play sometime in the Oasis Dome or really early in the Sahara Tent. I personally hope it’s the latter he deserves such a stage to showcase his music.

Check this out. Raw, unadulterated POWER!

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Damn, those are some quick fingers! It must be even cooler watching him live.

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