February 13, 2012


This is the official launch post of our new website! Hope you guys like it as much as we do and we will be updating news from time to time so do come back and visit often:)

In conjunction of the launch of our website (and Valentine’s Day), we’re giving away BAXX V2 Hoodies and t-shirts!

Here is how to win one yourself:
1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Make sure you provide your full details (Name, email etc)
3. Reply by finishing this sentence,
BAXX’s new website is dope because…”

Contest ends 16 Feb 2012 and we will notify the winner via email.

Show some love this Valentine’s and hope to rock with you guys soon!

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BAXX’s new website is dope because its new content is more fun and entertaining and more informative to us.

BAXX’s new website is dope because of its wicked media and its easier to navigate through BAXX’s site. It has radio show recordings and music from soundcloud. Also I can follow BAXX shows so i can go for events! BAXX NEVER SURRENDER!

BAXX’s new website is dope because whenever i hear the bass,i cant stop from shuffling until i get exhaust.And Bass Agent got their Unique style to make some noise for me.Whatever it is..Bass Agent still in my Heart.

Name: Kelvin Ker
Email: kelvinashleyaugustus@gmail.com
Country: Singapore

BAXX’s new website is dope because it is all in here, twitter feeds, fb badge, upcoming shows updates, soundcloud tracks blasting my speakers and also With the HD photos of The BAXX crew sliding through the photo stream. BEST PART? BASS AGENTS ; GO HARD OR GO HOME! NEVER SURRENDER!

#BAXX #BAXXfansince2009

“BAXX’s new website is dope because…it is created by one and only, Bass Agents who always makes everything dope , epic and possible

BAXX’s new website is dope because nice and clear layout. Appropriate fonts. Doesn’t look messy at all when i enter this website. Contents are clear too. Everything is nicely placed. For example Upcoming Shows, SoundCloud and etc. Keep it up the good work BAXX. Your music rocks! (:

New site is dope guys, good job. Love how you guys still representing your roots dropping hardstyle tunes at sonic hehe.

Name: Chee Seng

BAXX’s new website is dope because despite what they say about BAXX those haters cant cope, for where there is BAXX, there’ll always be hope.

BAXX’s new website is dope because its new content more entertaining~ and its easier to navigate through BAXX’s site~ n those track on soundcloud let us enjoy n can keep let us updating you guys… BAXX NEVER SURRENDER! keep it up~

BAXX’s new website is dope because i have been visiting the website for a long time and this fresh layout is a whole new look of BAXX, representing the professionalism portrayed by it’s producers/DJs and also the social media that is reaching out to the fans from around the world. As always, NEVER SURRENDER!

Name: moshka
Email: loque_mat@hotmail.com


BAXX’s new website is dope because obviously its BAXX property…!!! All great link in one webbie makes it easier to navigate for BAXX addiction..! Everyday use absolutely…! With its rich vibrant BLACK theme site makes it pure BAXX more then ever!! Two words, “NEVER SURRENDER” Rawk on BAXX!

BAXX’s new website is dope because its remind me to the BAXX Dj’s and their music that they produce to their fans..And not last it remind me about my past time hobby Shuffling..

BAXX’s new website is dope because this new website will always keep inform us about latest events or post that we’re really need for to keep us satisfy just like an addiction! I addicted to BAXX!!!

BAXX’s new website is dope because this website show us new revolution of BAXX 2012! everything we need to know is here,Baxx facebook,Baxx twitter,Baxx soundcloud &youtube are WEAPON OF MIND and with latest event SHOW update will give us MIDNIGHT OF MADNEES.love this layout too.this new website is DOPE!nuff said! this is BAXX,NEVERSURRENDER and with new mantra,“GO HARD, OR GO HOME!” BA4L!!!!!!!!

name : M!D!FY
email : adielostagain@gmail.com

BAXX’s new website is dope because the layout’s great! And now that we can keep up to date with tracks easily. Baxx’s soundcloud, youtube and facebook are all a click away now! Amazing stuff. Looking forward to what ya’ll have to show us in the year ahead! NEVER SURRENDER. BAXX!


BAXX’s new website is dope because I won a BAXX V2 hoodie on it!

BAXX’s new website is dope because they always keeping it fresh and HARD!

Hey guys, much love from the USA!
And BAXX’s new website is dope because it is the embodiment of the hard bass, head throbbing basslines, and phenomenal talent that you guys have been influencing me with for over three years now.
I can’t wait to hear future releases — now i can keep updated even easier! Good luck, and can’t wait to see what is next.

much love xx

BAXX’s new website is dope because they are just too awesome! I can’t stop shaking my head each time i heard the songs! It is just addictive and i hardly can hold myself back from listening it!

BAXX’s new website is dope because here we get the dopest, most awesomest updates on Bass Agents shows, medias & latest tracks and also contact for future dopeness!! We don’t just like it hard – we like it Xtra Hard! Peace & <3 !!

Crawford Oon Kar Hoe

BAXX’s new websit is dope because once you play with it, YOU will be HOOK, HooKeD and become a fulltime HOoKER to BAXX’s toys.

BAXX’s new website is dope because it represent the spirit of the BAXX which is NEVER SURRENDER~Your website rocks guys just like your musics,hell yeah..!! It also enable us to keep ourselves update to the lastest events,news,musics via Twitter,Soundcloud and even Youtube with just only one click, just awesome..!! Good job guys,hope to hear more from you guys and all the best in year 2012~Ladies and Gentlemen,this is the Era Of BAXX..!! Never Surrender~

BAXX’s new website is dope because it reflects the personal personification of The Agents.
It has become a portal into their mind and a window into their soul.Through their music,they invigorated our senses and through their new website,they consolidated our belief in Hardstyle.

BAXX’s new websit is dope because everything contains in this website are AWESOME! both the dj’s are awesome too! Now we can get all bass agents information and updates just by a click to this website!

GO HARD OR GO HOME! never surrender! love you guys!

BAXX’s new website is dope because BAXX is awesome and i like the soundcloud thing and i love BAXX for getting me into hard-style music and BAXX rules!!!

BAXX’s new website is dope because they NEVER SURRENDER

BAXX’s new websit is dope because we can catch the latest update here and download all bass agents tracks here!
Perfect website where i can get all info about you guys and communicate with you guys in a easier way!
I will share this dope website to all my friends !! Proud to be a fan of you guys!! cheers!

baxx for life!

BAXX’s new website is dope because, besides we can get more info and the site had embedded with interactive interface for attractive browsing. Moreover navigating to other sites such as soundcloud or twitter sites are easier to be seen. with the balance between flash and html it makes the sites load faster and reliable and overall it was perfect.

BAXX’s new website is dope because even if you are colour blind, you won’t miss out on the details. The new site is so fresh and so clean!!!

Kisses & support from Germany.

BAXX’s new website is dope because it is very user friendly, with simple colours like black and white as the theme colour, which represents simplicity, reliability, contrast comparison, and the old school classic motion picture. The black and white colour theme keeps the historical events that happened in BAXX, how they were formed, how they started out as, and the journey they went through to reach this current day and then moving on into the future.

It introduces four social media websites: Like Bass Agents on facebook to receive their upcoming events and news feeds, Follow Bass Agents on twitter for their ‘live’ status updates, visit SOUNDCLOUD to listen their audio tracks, and log on to YouTube to watch their music videos, past event videos and fan made videos. Lastly, visit the Bass Agents website for full official details of what you want to know.

The bottom line is, black represents something mysterious, and white represents pureness. Share the love, and have a Black Winter 2012.

Name: Zulfakar Zukifli
e-mail: vioxster@gmail.com

BAXX’s new website is dope because the new content is easy too see and can get the information of this website. The fb badge,twitter widget is easy too click for those who biggest fan of BAXX plus the screenshot at the top of website can they see their idol. You tube and soundcloud is very easy to listen and watch BAXX Songs..Overall i can say is this is very dope and attractive website.. I LOVE BAXX AND NEVER SURRENDER

BAXX new website is dope because is hard with fresh style,easily to see,look or watch it! And we can watch out every updates and informations in the same time. Unique,special and stye!

BAXX’s new website is dope because everything is much easier to be accessed and all the tracks are all available right beside the main page. THIS IS MAD LOVE ! HARDSTYLE NEVER DIES!

Thank you all for the comments!

We will email the 3 lucky winners by next week:)

BAXX’s new website is dope because the new content and so easy to look the new updates.,Bass Agents always in my heart and never die in my mind.,BASS AGENTS new website absolutely fantastic..,thanks so much bro..

Epic comments! Thank u all for participating, sincerely appreciate it:)

We would love to give each of you a gift but unfortunately we dont have enough:(

Winner wit the best comment! Check ur mail n spam box just incase.

I LOVE BASS AGENTS . You guys are the greatest among shufflers and i hope i can be one of you guys

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