April 29, 2015

BAXX XTRA HARD: Bass Agents, Kyori, Blastixbass, Z3ng & Z4rick (SAT.16.MAY)

After hibernating for months and heeding the call of the crimson night, it is finally time for BAXX XTRA HARD to re-emerge. This coming May 16th, the Bass Agents will re-explore the persistence of hard dramatic themes and imagery through distinctly equalized drumkicks at 150bpm and present characters that merge certain aspects of their hard-set ideology.

The Bass Agents continues to combine liberal lashings of hardstyle with representational elements from the current EDM wave; ever-seeking to strike a balance between the two. Through this dynamic, and highly detailed, signature mixed hardstyle, their interest in the ways in which melody becomes an arbiter of secular conflict, leads to the re-construction of familiar tunes with renewed energy and relevance.

On this night, we look to these characters to embody difficult polarities and resolve our deepest longings for the hard; revealing a shared thematic lineage of fresh talent despite their seemingly disparate origins.


By tapping into their intensity, the Bass Agents explores the power of story in the constitution of belief and hard-set ideology. Drawing from their shared identification of 150bpm narratives, whether they be old-school or nu-style of hardstyle, BAXX XTRA HARD will appeal to the endurance of sounds, and the ways in which we continue to look to them to reflect our sense of self and heart for the hard.

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